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The leader of the team, germ of this passion that will end up conquering the world. He was single despite being 39 years old, practiced sports and remained thin and jovial. He had met interesting women with whom he had had intimate relationships or intimate friendship. He was independent and although he was not closed to love, he was aware of his level of demand in that regard. Serious and formal, at the same time optimistic, he looked for projects with passion to be personally realized. His physiognomy was normal, characterized by a pleasant smile and a particular attraction.

He was aware that he had an exceptional team and did not intend to do anything that would disturb him. The two girls in your team may well be excellent lovers, even couples. Both had physical, charm, intelligence, coherence and "spark" to thrill him, but Transcendental was a major motivation, and he saw his team with a certain paternalistic tinge. He would hardly have an affair with people from his professional environment. It would have to be someone with great maturity and to be attracted to him in a way that had never occurred before.

He felt fulfilled. After more than a decade, I was finally doing something transcendental for him. He always had a vision about himself: to generate enough income to be able to devote himself to developing those transhumanist ideas for which he felt a personal responsibility for his exploration.


Degree in journalism. Bohemian profile, at the same time critical and with character. He "gives cane" to all his companions. He saw in Transcendental an opportunity to contribute to society and his altruistic leitmotiv. Less disciplined than her colleagues, she is passionate and akin to the motto carpe diem. His hair is blond, and his stature somewhat above average. He does not usually practice many sports, but nothing several times a week. While it has no formal partner, it is intuited that it has several lovers, and must have good ingredients in their sexual, as it receives numerous calls from boys, who sometimes come to pick it up and seem like hypnotized. Maria is a woman. She likes to experiment in every way, and sexually subjects her lovers like slaves, making them worship her. He usually wears leather garments and boots with high heels.

His emotional intelligence and security captivate. Sometimes she is "bossy" with her companions, and her look and firmness when giving orders have conviction power. Still marking distance with his teammates, he likes to provoke. He only shows formality in the treatment of Atanasio, whom he sees as an interesting rival for his security and leadership. It does not pretend an approximation towards him, but there are certain sustained glances that can be interpreted as a light trial.


A physicist channeled into the quantum world, who left the university. His IQ is well above the average, even from his teammates. He is 23 years old. It often generates the impression of being arrogant and borderline, overbearing at times, and cynical and critical of society. He used to correct his teachers in class when they were wrong. It is not easy to adapt to the social environment. The reason is its maxim, and the conventional norms of society, mostly anachronistic for him, have no place in his attitude.

From the first year of his career, he left the university formally, only attending some classes. There were teachers who did manage to motivate him, and they felt grateful that Julio chose his classes. He sat in the last row and usually arrived late or mid-class. He did not hesitate to leave the classroom sooner if he got bored. For 3 years he frequented the classes that brought him. Already in his first year, he attended fifth classes. Some professors attracted by their talent proposed collaborations in their departments. He accepted the ones that interested him, and thus generated some income that allowed him to cover his expenses. Clearly it is a gifted difficult to adapt to established society.

Julio is a key player in the project, since quantum physics is the most complex discipline and the foundation of investigations. He saw in Trascendental a small team of capable and enthusiastic people, where he could get involved in what really matters to him. He conceived the project as a tailor-made glove, but made it clear to Atanasio and the rest of the team that he would be there only while he was having fun and feeling motivated.

Physically, it is of average height and Nordic physiognomy. It has fine features, elongated fingers like a pianist, and a slim, athletic body. He does not like gyms and only practices aerobic and usually solitary sports: running, swimming, skiing and scuba diving when he can, and especially climbing. He is a rope sports guy, without a formal partner and quite elusive in love. Although Susana looks like a bonbon, she thinks they do not have enough chemistry, and she does not think about throwing the yews on her. Think that there are many girls in the world to complicate someone with their work.


The systems engineer of the team. He was attracted to Susana's charms, but his shyness and the professional respect he felt towards her, inhibited him to convey his feelings. He was in charge of information systems, equipment configurations, process scheduling. It was the technical part of the team that supported everyone, and contributed with their ingenuity and affinity to technology. He had finished the race a year ago and was 24 years old. He was helpful, methodical and striking for his height, which was around 1.90 m.

Physically, it was attractive. However, Susana was more attracted to mysterious, emotional and at the same time creative people. Reasons why I saw Fernando as a potential lover, but who would not fall in love. Despite having a certain interest on his part, he preferred not to mix work with pleasure.


It is pure motivation and one of the selected researchers. Next to finish his engineering career in chemistry, he had decided to make his final project researching in Transcendental with Atanasio and his team. He spends whole days in the laboratory, stopping only to eat, go to the bathroom and sleep, imbued in the microcosm of the atoms and trying to elucubrate how to move them and join them at will.

In addition to great talent talent and perseverance, has a sympathy that contrasts with the myth of laboratory mouse. It is gray matter linked to a girl's charm. There is in her a contagious "spark" that conveys her cheerful mood to the whole group, while her pleasant smile contributes to generate a healthy work environment. Cordovan by birth and with dark complexion, her hair is smooth bright, and her features include large brown eyes, along with her full lips.


Medical specialist in genetic engineering. He is 29 years old. Although Trascendental does not investigate in genetic engineering itself, the similarity between the genetic code of living beings and the chemical composition code of matter, had attracted Luis to participate in this project. Passionate about programming and computer science, he has a profile halfway between medicine and computer engineering. He is a boy with a normal physiognomy, short brown hair, medium height, very athletic, and meticulous. He usually trains 5 days a week in a gym and worries about healthy eating. He takes several tuppers to work to eat every 3 hours and thus maintain optimal levels of glucose and protein in blood, thus optimizing the development of his defined physicist who works with passion.

Although he feels enveloped by the spark of Susana and the jovial humor of the rest of the team, Luis, like all his classmates, is also single. Perhaps because of his intellectual demands, he does not usually allow the girls with whom he keeps affairs into his life.


She joined the team a few years later than his teammates. He specializes in genetics, neuroscience and biotechnology thanks to his research in American laboratories. It is a girl of 26 years characterized by a black hair with funny curls of corkscrew and clear eyes. His intelligence, assertiveness, and empathy, facilitate him to have a great ability to integrate teams and establish international relations with research centers.

Los que intervienen


Elon Musk

General Director of SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

Jean-Yves Le Drian

Jean-Yves Le Drian

Minister of Defense of France


Mario Draghi

President of the European Central Bank


Papa Francisco

Pope since March 2013


Úrsula von der Leyen

Minister of Defense of Germany


Michael Fallon

United Kingdom Secretary of Defense


Emmanuel Macron

Minister of Economy of France


George Osborne

Chancellor of the Treasury of the United Kingdom

Bohdan Bejmuk

Bohdan Bejmuk

Director of missions to Mars

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